Each situation and dog is different.  Because of this, I customize a program that meets you and your dog’s unique situation. I am pleased to offer both private in-home training and group lessons.

Puppy Training
It is never too early to begin training your dog! Learning takes place at an accelerated rate in puppyhood. Puppies are like a sponge absorbing everything in their environment so starting them on the right path through early training and direction will pay off for years to come. Everything he experiences makes a greater impression on him than it ever will again. Learning at this age is permanent. This is the perfect window of time to begin training your dog. By laying the foundation now, your puppy will grow into a confident and balanced adult dog. I teach your new puppy bite inhibition (not to bite you or others), house breaking, stop excessive barking, not to resource guard (not giving up items), not to jump on you or others, how to settle down and other unwanted behaviors from developing.

There are a few basic commands - come, sit, down, stay, no, and heel, that every dog should understand. These commands will keep your dog safe and under control. Even if you and your dog have never had any formal training, I will teach you and your dog through positive reinforcement, clear communication and discipline these vital commands.

Advanced Obedience Training
This program is for dogs and owners who have an understanding of the basic commands, but would like to either reinforce commands learned in beginners, or have a desire to go on to receive an obedience title on their dog such as the Canine Good Citizen certification.

Group Classes
In addition to in-home training, I offer group instruction in conjunction with Four Paws Doggie Day Care in Morrisville, PA. Please contact me for details at or 215-266-0242


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