I have had dogs my whole life.  At the age of seven, I trained my first dog.  I had no clue what I was doing; I just knew I was having fun with my dog.  This grew into a desire to understand how dogs learn.  I have had many dogs since that first dog, and each has taught me the importance of understanding how a dog interprets his world.  Using clear communication you build a strong foundation for learning and this in turns helps build a relationship between you and your dog that will last a lifetime. 

Carol and her dogs, Toby and Corduroy

My passion is teaching you how to communicate clearly, so you begin building a bond that only a dog can share.  Dogs provide us so much; it is our responsibility to give back as much if not more in return.  We can do this if we take the time to understand our dogs.  Please join me in learning how to build this special bond.

Toby practising 'mat mat'

I have over 15 years of formal instruction in both obedience and behavior training. I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).  My dogs hold Canine Good Citizen titles and Therapy Dog tittles.  I attend seminars and conferences to continue my growth as a professional dog trainer.  I am currently working towards Toby’s AKC Companion Dog title.  Besides my dog training expertise, I hold a BA in Psychology and a BA in History from Rutgers University.


katie and sophie"Sophie and I are closer than ever since training with Carol. We have conducted lessons both on our home turf and at public parks. Sophie is now more in-tune with me than ever before. All thanks to Carol." Katie

alicia and apple"Carol's enthusiastic and fun training sessions have molded Apple into a better, more attentive dog. She still chases things, but now she comes to a screeching halt at the sound of my voice. I feel much less worried about her getting into trouble." Alicia

winston"Carol worked magic with my Winston. He was a spirited, hard playing, American Bulldog pup with bad manners.  Carol came to my house to give me her professional guidance which turned my hoodlum into a civilized, well mannered lover boy.  Carol did this with her firm and even voice, steely confidence and clear and consistent direction. Winston mastered basic obedience training because of Carol's consistent handling.  But mostly, Carol continuously reminded me of the fine nuances of dog training as she guided and stressed that I give clear and immediate commands then praise. Carol also worked with Winston on the Invisible Fence system I have on my property.  Within two days, the training was completed and Winston learned his boundary with his confidence and playfulness intact.  He was eager to please and Carol's wonderful manner with praise and voice allowed this to happen." Csilla

"OK .. if you need help in training your dog, or training yourself how to train a dog, then look no further. Carol is the best. She takes each client and assesses the situation. Then formulates a plan. She knows all dogs are not the same and each situation is unique. She listens, she watches, then she works with you and your dog. She does all this with that underlying "I love dogs, that's why I'm here to help" attitude. I can't recommend her enough. You won't be disappointed. All she wants are happy dogs and owners !!!!"
Roscoe's Mom


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